Covid-19 | Company Statement

The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated economic ripple effects have brought fast moving and unexpected market variables, and Affiliate Squared Limited and its subsidiaries are no exception in having to navigate and adapt to the complexity, risk and uncertainty in todays global environment. Affiliate Squared has grown exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which can be attributed to a change in shopping habits leading to an evident shift to online shopping and a marked increase in internet usage in general. Indeed, this year it has been established that £3 in every £10 has been spent online, an unprecedented occurrence. As a result Affiliate Squared is seeing continually increasing demand for its platforms and services as the pandemic progresses.

Being predominantly based online, Affiliate Squared has been able to maintain the continuity of work by mobilising and stabilising its workforce during the pandemic, whilst ensuring it has provided a safe working environment inline with Government and SAGE guidelines. As the pandemic progresses Affiliate Squared is committed to a move from reactive to proactive mitigation of the impact of the outbreak, with strategies in place to ensure the company and its subsidiaries continue to emerge stronger. These include accelerating digital transformation and upskilling, scenario planning and more frequent financial modelling exercises to improve resiliency with new and improved models that incorporate the economic impacts of current and future pandemics.