Localised Social Media Solutions

Performance based social media marketing. The Sofa Network uses the power of social media and friend recommendations to drive sales.

Earn From Sharing Products

Earn from sharing your favourite links, vouchers, companies + products on social media. ’One-click’ social sharing through your affiliate dashboard allows you to easily broadcast product and company information to your followers. Easily search for your favourite products and companies to upload to Facebook, Twitter, email and many more! You earn every time one of your followers clicks your unique tracking link or purchases a product from your recommendation. Also earn from your friends reposts. To put it simply, members recommend items to their friends on Social Media and receive a reward as a thank you from the brands.


Members share products, vouchers and content to Social Media via the Sofa Network App.

Friends View/Buy

Friends and followers use links to buy products or view vouchers and content.


Members earn commission from products sales and content/voucher views.

Who are we?

Sofa Network Merchant

Our bespoke technology allows millions of affiliates to market your products, services and brand to the followers on their social media pages. The Sofa Network delivers performance based marketing solutions allowing profitable growth for online and mobile based companies.

Our custom platform drives guaranteed marketing ROI – our performance based model means you only pay affiliates after a sale has been made. You set commission payment levels. Provide our affiliates with products, services, new lines, sale items, special offers, voucher codes and other items to market to friends and followers.

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