Public WiFi Revenue

Earn additional revenue by providing your clients and customers free WiFi, build loyalty and maximise sales with simple rewards.

Provide Free Public WiFi

If you have a broadband connection, you can quickly and easily set up your very own Public WiFi hotspot. Simply order our Public WiFi box, connect it to your broadband, and you’re up and running. Users who connect to your public WiFi will be presented with relevant adverts before proceeding to use the Internet, and when they purchase a product online – you earn a commission.

Public WiFi

Many coffee shops, restaurants and other public locations simply offer free WiFi without really thinking of the possible opportunities. Or perhaps, simply don’t have an easy to use system that allows them to capture leads, re-market to their customers, and earn money from online purchases. With the Affiliate Squared Public WiFi system, you can do all of these things, and more…

Build Loyalty

In order to connect to your public WiFi, your users must enter their name/email. We know a percentage may not give their best email address on a public WiFi spot, but many will. And this allows you to quickly, and easily, re-market to your customers and encourage them to return.

Additional Revenue

When your users connect, once they have registered they will be remembered for ease next time. They will then be shown an advert (which can be tailored to your location). When they purchase, you get a percentage of the sale – increasing your overall revenue per customer.

Email Marketing Opportunities

Email marketing is enormously powerful, and whether you’re a coffee shop, restaurant or other public location, one of the most valuable things you can do to grow your business is to get more repeat customers. Email also enables you to keep in touch quickly and easily with your coffee shop visitors. Keep them up to date with special promotions, new lines and/or use email to simply thank them for being a customer.

Customer loyalty will grow, and loyal customers will often spend more on average. Using our simple, intuitive and fast platform, you can send an email to your customers with the utmost of ease. Enhance your customer loyalty and increase the average value of a sale with an App. Use the App for push notifications for promotions, special events and more.

Earn More Happier Customers

Customers are often frustrated with poor mobile signal, and when they’re at your location – you want to minimise any feeling of frustration. By providing free WiFi, you make their life better and easier. They’re happier, and will be happier to spend more with you on a more regular basis. With no complicated set up, and just a few questions to get you started, the Affiliate Public WiFi system is a must have for any coffee shop, restaurant, or public location.

Interested In Earning From Your Public WiFi?

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