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Forge Trends With Influencer Marketing

Connect with influencers to increase brand awareness and target a wider audience with sponsored posts and content across a variety of platforms including, twitter, instagram and youtube.

Increase traffic to your website by word of mouth and sales, from highly influentially public figures and industry experts.

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Create Meaningful Partnerships

Are you a new brand that want’s to get noticed? Or are you an established brand that needs to cut above the noise? Influencer marketing is the perfect place to be seen and heard, with a large network of trusted influencers across, beauty, fashion, technology, gaming and lifestyle, we can help you build meaningful partnerships and increase your brand awareness.

Campaign Development

With specialist support and no upfront costs or recurring fees our consumer centric platforms have been built from the ground up, with an emphasis on usability for online merchants and marketing agencies regardless of size, area or industry.

Campaign Activation

Once your campaign is activated, our influencer network will start promoting your products/services through their social network. Reaching hundreds of thousands or millions of people, your brand can be launched overnight.

Successful Brand Awareness

Nothing is more important to us than ensuring you get a return of your investment. That’s why we hand pick all our influencers and precisely tailor our campaigns. Reach millions of people and get maximum brand exposure in simply minutes.



Looking To Work Alongside Top Brands?

Use your social media reach to it’s full potential by joining a network, that connects you with the latest brands and products.

We’re always looking to explore and expand the influencers that we work with. If you have a large following on social media, whether it’s business to business or business to consumer, our partnership will allow you to generate revenues from simply promoting and discussing some of the top brands we work with.

To find out more, whether you’re looking to work alongside brands or looking to take advantage of our influencer network, simply get in touch below.

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About Us

We want to make affiliate marketing accessible to everyone, not just the technically minded.

Established in early 2011, Affiliate Squared and its network of brands has grown to become one of the UK’s leading affiliate marketing specialists, delivering over £150m of affiliate commission in 2018, derived from upto £2Bn in generated sales revenue.

At the forefront of marketing innovation, our platforms connect merchants and consumers whether across borders or across the road.

We help merchants from thousands of different sectors realise their online potential. We use our global network to increase sales using a performance based approach, whilst managing all online tracking, reconciliation and payment dispersion.

If you have any questions you would like to ask or want to find out more about what we do, use the form below to get in touch.