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Marketing That Works

A focused marketing campaign ensures that prospective clients are drawn toward the right information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Followed up with a strong call to action to maximise your visitor conversion rate (the number of website visitors that turn into customers) and consistent follow up, means your marketing campaigns deliver excellent return on investment.

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Powerful Campaigns

Our campaigns are focused on driving response: in other words, generating you more income.

Utilising every technological advantage to maximise tracking of customer journeys, we’re able to ensure that you get the absolute most out of every marketing campaign you run.

Marketing Campaigns

Ensure consistant lead generation month after month, with one of our tailored campaigns, designed to transform your business from zero to hero in a matter of months.

From TV and Radio to print campaigns we provide you with powerful marketing materials and support that will maximise your marketing performance.

Social Media Strategies

Use Social Media campaigns to reach a wider audience and create meaningful engagements and connections for your brand.


Get instant targeted traffic to your website using Google Ads. Appear at the top of all searches for your Industry and only pay when they click.

Generate more income for your business with powerful marketing that just works. Building from our many years of knowledge in marketing, and working with companies both small and large, we can maximise the return of every penny you spend on marketing.


Working with only the best in the marketplace, creating you campaigns for TV, Radio, Direct Mail and Online, your campaigns will have consistent branding but will deliver maximum results.

Successful marketing begins with discovering your customers’ needs, and working with you and your company, we will construct a campaign that addresses those needs and delivers the solution.


Utilising every possible tracking solution, we’ll ensure you know exactly which campaigns are working – enabling you to maximise the returns on the campaigns that work, and avoid wasting money on the campaigns that don’t.

Lead Generation Specialists

The underlying success of any marketing campaign boils down to ‘follow up’. Generating leads is relatively easy, and in many respects most businesses do well at this. However, where the success is to be had, is continual follow up with your leads.  Delivering follow up for B2C and/or B2B leads, we can ensure your follow up outperforms almost every other marketing campaign your competitors will run.

Working with leaders in the marketing industry, not only can we deliver extraordinary done-for-you services, but our consultants (who have helped generate millions of pounds of income)  can provide you with a marketing consultation designed to help you grow your business, fast.

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About Us

We want to make affiliate marketing accessible to everyone, not just the technically minded.

Established in early 2011, Affiliate Squared and its network of brands has grown to become one of the UK’s leading affiliate marketing specialists, delivering over £150m of affiliate commission in 2018, derived from upto £2Bn in generated sales revenue.

At the forefront of marketing innovation, our platforms connect merchants and consumers whether across borders or across the road.

We help merchants from thousands of different sectors realise their online potential. We use our global network to increase sales using a performance based approach, whilst managing all online tracking, reconciliation and payment dispersion.

If you have any questions you would like to ask or want to find out more about what we do, use the form below to get in touch.