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Holiday Search Network

Become a travel agent from the comfort of your own home with our unique holiday search network.

Using the latest technology we have created a platform that allows users to create and set up their own custom made holiday websites instantly and start earning for themselves.

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Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Built specifically for entrepreneurs who are looking to build sustainable, reliable and robust income streams, the Holiday Search Network is a perfect opportunity. Our platform allows you to be simply up and running in minutes, meaning you can immediately start marketing and generating commission from sales generated through your website.

With customisable content, easy to use promotional tools and much more, the Holiday Search Network allows you to almost instantly have your fully operational website up and running.

Your Own Holiday Website

Our bespoke and very unique platform, allows you to set up your very own holiday search network website, with just a few details and clicks of a button.

Not only can you choose the holiday providers that are listed on your website from a pre-approved selection of suppliers, but you can also choose which promotions/special offers are highlighted on your website. Additionally, you can update virtually any of the content yourself, allowing a truly personalised experience.

Flight Search

Not only can your customers search for package holidays, but they can also run simple searches for flights, thus increasing your potential revenue stream from people who simply want to fly.

Earn Seamlessly

We processed over £150m of payments for our clients in 2018, and with the Holiday Search Network, you too can take advantage of the huge opportunities available in affiliate marketing.

The Holiday Search Network was built to serve one purpose. Affiliate marketing professionals and entrepreneurs alike can start marketing holidays within minutes, and be earning commission.


Having invested heavily into the development of our bespoke software, we know that everything is delivered exactly as both you and your customers need it.


A simple to use, and easy to manage interface for your very own holiday website, plus an easy and professional looking website for your customers to search and book holidays.

The system works in a very simple way. You sign up for your account, and create a domain / transfer your domain in. Then, you customise your website with your branding/colours and logo.


That’s it.


Your site is up and running and you can start marketing right away. We provide you with the ability to customise virtually all the content on the website (and we encourage you to do so) but we do provide you with enough template content to simply get going.

Deliver Your Own App

For years now, we have all been hooked to our mobile phones. And it’s getting more and more commonplace for people to do all their personal browsing on a mobile or tablet device. Whilst websites are here to stay, Apps are ever increasingly popular, simply because they’re designed to work absolutely perfectly on mobile.

For a small fee, you can deliver your own Holiday App, integrating with the Holiday Search Network perfectly. Not only does this make your users happier, but it makes you look far more professional.

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We want to make affiliate marketing accessible to everyone, not just the technically minded.

Established in early 2011, Affiliate Squared and its network of brands has grown to become one of the UK’s leading affiliate marketing specialists, delivering over £150m of affiliate commission in 2018, derived from upto £2Bn in generated sales revenue.

At the forefront of marketing innovation, our platforms connect merchants and consumers whether across borders or across the road.

We help merchants from thousands of different sectors realise their online potential. We use our global network to increase sales using a performance based approach, whilst managing all online tracking, reconciliation and payment dispersion.

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